Untitled by Tommy Hill

I’m lost in a maze I can’t seem to escape

tired of all the bullshit tired of all the games

stressed out and exhausted from all the pain

slowly burnin’ out countin’ down the days

thinkin’ to myself why try to change

as I mix another hit to inject into my veins

It only helps for the moment I can’t even control it

who the fuck am I someone please tell me

My soul has been stolen

by the addict inside me

The sands of time are runnin’ out

I’m lost who’s gonna find me

Creator I need your help from myself

this I ask of you kindly

I just want what’s good in life

and leave all this chaos behind me

These pills have me by the balls

to the point I’m sick and crying

askin’ god why me the real me is hiding

My demons walk beside me

I could tell you that I wanna quit

but can’t so I guess I’m lying

there’s a war I’m tired of fighting

I can’t win and now I know

I need all the help that I can get

I can’t do this on my own

right now I’m so alone nowhere to call home

I never thought this world could be so fuckin’ cold

Don’t trust anybody is something I was told

I should have listened to what was was said

It’s too late to turn back

I used to love hustlin’ on the streets

but now I feel trapped

that’s the here and the now

So hear my story it’s very real

as a matter of fact

this is my hell my life and that’s that

So make no mistake these streets ain’t no place

they’ll chew you up and spit you out within a matter of days

there’s no room for the weak you gotta stand on your own feet

I work hard for my keep to get high and eat

there’s not a goddamn thing in this world that comes free to get what you need

it’s a dog eat dog life 24 hour a day job this is the school of hard knocks

I’m a full fledged addict hello my name is John

a junkie to the max is the way that I walk

every minute of every day this shit is nonstop.

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