Poetic Existentialism by Kieran Holland

Find the thread

Amidst the tangled knot

This life is your movie

You make the plot

Condemned by our freedom

In the infinite we wander

Tortured by knowledge

In pensive mood I ponder

The colours around seem drab and dreary

The decadence of luxury obscene

Endless contradictions, the mind grows weary

Not animal, not divine, but between

This existence with limits

It makes me annoyed

Open instead to the limitless void

Hoping to find true love

Praying for God’s assistance

Looking for meaning

In a meaningless existence

All of our actions

Come from thoughts and intentions

Our lives a creation

Of our own invention

Our dualistic mindset must be scrapped

To escape the flesh in which we’re trapped

With thoughts of suicide I’ve often toyed

A simple escape from the sickening void

The beautiful science of philosophy

Has inspired the art of poetry

Accepting in totality

Existential reality.

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