“Leader of the Pack” by Maggie Sue Traynor

I am the leader, leader of the pack.
Threaten my family, I suggest you step back
I lead my family to a safer place
Away from man, the human race.
There is so much offered in the land of the free
Food, shelter, peace, just stick with me.
I look out for my family in every way
We travel in packs, they do not stray.
I look so innocent, I say with pride
Be very careful, I have a dark side.
We tour around the mountains, we look for food.
Myself, my mate, and our little brood.
I am the leader, I must go first
We need water or we’ll die of thirst.
Unchartered areas I do not know
I am the leader, the first to go.
Of hunters we must be aware
The death of our young ones, so unfair.
Our fur is what they are interested in
Our life is meaningless, what a sin.
We have our purpose, that’s why we’re here
So others will not live in fear.
I am the leader, leader of the pack
Threaten my family, watch your back.

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