“Draconian Justice” by Kieran Holland

The volcano cracks,
The lava spews,
It’s been millenia since the dragon flew.

The dragon breaks out
With the volcanic eruption
To cleanse the world’s filth and corruption.

The dragon of justice
With diamond scales of red
A magnificent beast
That brings terror and dread

Burning cities to ash
With the fire of contempt
The earth’s executioner
And nothing is exempt

Soaring in the sky
It blots out the sun
Punishing the guilty
There is nowhere to run

With obsidian eyes of the deepest black
It sees our hidden intentions
Existing outside of time and space
It travels between dimensions

Not a doer of evil
Nor a maker of good
It levels the balance
Just as it should

It turns this planet to a blazing coal
With no mercy for human plight
From the ashes, life shall spring anew
And everything will be set right.

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