“My Love” by Alissa Demars

I know it’s there, deep in your heart
All we need is one more start
My love for you could never die
That’s the reason I continue to try
After all these years, still can’t resist
Just one more touch, one more kiss
You touch my life in so many ways
I sit here scared, counting the days
Waiting to have it all again
We’ve been there before, I know we can
Somewhere along we’ve lost our way
But by your side is where I’ll stay
I need you now, more than you know
Some days I’m scared, it’s hard to show
You melted my heart right from the start
I hate being without you, being apart
You’ll never understand the things you do
Especially after all we’ve been through
You’re my best friend, true love, my one and only
With you by my side, I don’t want to ever be lonely
You complete me in every way
I need you beside me, I need to know you’ll stay
I’ll always be here, as anything for you
Deep in your heart, I hope you know that’s true
I’ve made some mistakes along the way
I’m sorry, I’d do anything to take them away
I need you here, help me be strong
We’re a family, you know you belong
I’ll wait for you to understand why
God won’t let us pass each other by
Change is hard, and sometimes slow
Together as one we’re meant to grow
I’ve waited for you all my life
I can’t wait for you to call me your wife – my love.

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