“The Wall” by The Homeless Cowboy

Once there was a wall
It was a short little wall
Made from flat black stones
It ran down the hill, Willy Nilly, Hither and Yon
Kinda kept the back yard from washin away 

It was a cool little wall 

Now this here wall was special
Counta, that’s where I kept my thoughts
When I thought sumpthin up, I’d write it down
I hid the good ones under a rock 

It were kinda a cool little thinkin wall 

Flat square black stones keep the weather out
So my thoughts could hide there neath em
They would sit under there and wait for me
To read em, change em or destroy em

 It were a cool little kinda thinkin, kinda safety deposit kinda wall

 I always liked that wall
It was in my backyard

** To read more from The Homeless Cowboy, please visit his blog at http://thehomelesscowboy.blogspot.com/**

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