“I Do?” by Maggie Sue Traynor (from Week 1 of Grit Uplifted at the Central Library)

Our first session of Grit Uplifted at the Central Branch of the London Public Library* took place this afternoon from 2-4pm and I wanted to extend a huge thanks to all of the participants who joined us for the first workshop.
It was great to meet everyone and especially to hear all of the moving and thought-provoking pieces (and discussions!) that came out of our warm-up exercise today.

Today’s exercise involved freestyle writing in any genre using images, chosen by each individual writer, as a prompt (they could choose from an array of random photos that I have found in magazines and coffee-table books, on the National Geographic website, etc.).
The following poem entitled “I Do?”, written by Maggie Sue during today’s session, was inspired by the image above.

We go before God, we say I do
A loving expression, I love you.
My favourite part as you will see
Till death do us part, only then you are free.
Those vows you made so many years ago
An unfulfilled contract as we all know.
A lie is a lie, it will not go away
If you stay on this path, then you will stray.
You promised me “till death do us part”
You’ve taken another, a fresh new start.
I’m still alive as you can see
Thank you God for now I’m free.
Four adults later (children) and grandchildren too
I’m proud of my family, NO THANKS to you.


* For more information on the Grit Uplifted Creative Writing Group at the Central Library, visit http://catalogue.londonpubliclibrary.ca/search/Y?SEARCH=grit+uplifted&op.x=0&op.y=0&op=Search&searchscope=20&SORT=D.

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