Untitled poem by Alissa Demars

Oh brother, what can I do?
There go your eyes that deep shade of blue.

I’ve shown you a world I never wanted you to see
Now all I can do is sit and blame me.

What have I done, God please tell me why?
You couldn’t just let it pass him by?

You were angry at me ’cause I couldn’t let go
Now here it goes taking control of you so slow.

Let me help you, brother, please don’t push me away
God, I love you so much is all I can say.

I’m here by your side, I’ll help you be strong
I’ll help you break free before something goes wrong.

I tried to escape, coward’s way out
But that’s not an option, without a doubt.

I feel strong enough now to see myself through
But never alone, God I need you!

Through all I do, I still feel I don’t belong
I’ll forever think I’ve done you all wrong.

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