Untitled poem by Alissa Demars

I try so hard every day
You just continue to walk away
What have I done that you hate me so much
I miss your love and passionate touch
What could I have possibly done
When all you want to do is run
I loved you with all my heart and soul
My heart and my whole life you stole
I honestly thought God wanted us strong
That together is where we forever belong
I fought for you as hard as I could
Then finally realized you never would
Maybe it’s not me you really want
But it is my heart you taunt
My heart has never ached this bad before
Leaving me longing for so much more
I don’t understand this, or how we went so terribly wrong
I’ll never know where I belong
I’m lost inside, God I’m so scared
For this I was not prepared
To live without you tears me apart
I love you completely with all my heart
I’d fight for you till the day I die
Then find myself wondering, Why?
I don’t think you’ll ever love me the same
To you this is all a game
I can’t go on with my heart broke in two
I never thought I’d have to say goodbye to you
The hardest thing I’ve ever done
Is make it my turn to run
Without you it’s so hard to go on
I need your love to keep me strong
I die inside without you each day
It breaks my heart to walk away
I stayed beside you through thick and thin
Yet whenever I needed you, you haven’t been!

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