“Acceptance” by Kieran Holland

Letting go comes with acceptance
But I think I’ve accepted too much
Holding onto nothing
And fading out of touch

Acceptance that I’m a poor man
Who doesn’t make dollars or sense
Acceptance of a loveless world
It’s too much and it prevents

It prevents me from even trying
It prevents me from getting involved
My virtue became my problem
But I’ve accepted it can’t be solved

Accepting lies from the media
Accepting excess shit
So why do I keep accepting
When I’m already sick of it

Acceptance of stupid rules
Acceptance of the streets
My will power is a single man
That the army of the masses defeats

Acceptance of chronic criminals
Acceptance of needles and drugs
Acceptance of betrayal
And calloused professional shrugs

Accepting lies and injustice
From them I never escape
A vision of my future
Is fuzzy but taking shape

I see myself as a vagabond
A sickly, shaggy bum
Accepting a job-less existence
Society’s gutter scum

Accepting insults and curses
From the people that pass me by
Because I’m a lazy acceptor
Who gave it a half-assed try

I’ve accepted this painful misery
I’ve accepted my given worth
I’ve accepted I’m one of the “too many”
On this overpopulated earth

Accepting always accepting
Even when it’s unfair
The weight of all I’ve accepted
Will become too heavy to bear

The burden of my acceptance
Still, daily, continues to grow
Standing on a rooftop
And looking down below

This accepting, cowardly mindset
Has brought me to this ledge
And the cold wind that blows me forward
Will send me off this edge.

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