“No Place to Call Home” by Maggie Sue Traynor

I have a voice, I have plenty to say

The problem you see will not go away.

There is no magic pill or words to be said

A positive solution is what is needed instead.

There are so many families with no place to go

And shelter life is all they know.  

The numbers increase as time passes by

Can we find a solution, can we at least try?

It’s not just their problem, it’s our problem too

We’re doing our best, what about you?

When confronted with the problem, it’s always the same

The lies keep increasing, it’s only a game. 

Tell the people what they want to hear

Mean while, they are forced to live a life filled with fear.

The fear of the unknown, day after day

With a little team effort, it’s safe to say,

We can make the problem go away.

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