“Passion of Strength” by Carrie Anne Gauthier Okkerse

Life’s deeper meaning
Holding still while I gasp for air
Knowing the rage couldn’t escape
See a new direction and a new light
I change my direction
I find myself complacent and detaching
Wanting to set me free
You can find your direction, your heat
But your interest could become another
I stand tall and proud, humbled as the stakes rise high
I know there’s an optimistic side
Overly optimistic due to the leaps and bounds that helped jump the hurdles
That brings me here to the highs and the lows
All of it that combats the way we take on and perceive the world
That gives one a greater capacity to bring forth, to moving on
To that which we create, that which we once desired to personally create
The journey that takes you over the depth and the despair and hanging on to righteous And shedding what holds us back more so than some or others
The leaps and bounds over negativity

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