“Goodbye” by Alissa Demars

Goodbye cruel world, it’s over now
Go ahead, take your bow.
You victimize my heart and soul
While I dig myself a deeper hole
Buried away from your evil ways
The hurt, torture and all your games.
My heart will soon be free at last
From years and years of my horrible past.
Left me alone, not thinking twice
Stare at me, eyes cold as ice
All I ever wanted was to be loved
To feel I belong, send your angel above.
But I waited and waited till my heart turned to stone
Left here again, all alone.
Now nothing left, heart and soul full of pain
Now wash me away with the cold hard rain.

One last hug, one last kiss
Who cares, who am I to miss
No one wanted what I tried so hard to give
Now what’s the sense, no longer I live.
Goodbye all, goodbye pain
Remember me when you walk in the rain.


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