“An Angel Sent to Me” by Alissa Demars

From the first day we met
Your attention I’ve been trying to get.
I saw something in you
A look in your eyes so genuine and true.
Your encouraging words move me
The better you make me want to be.
I love the look in your eyes
I pray you never say good-bye!
I love the way you make me feel
With you I can finally be real.
I swear I’ll never let you down
I promise I’ll never run around.
I’ll always be true to you,
Men like you are very few.
You mean everything to me
Right beside you is where I want to be.
I’ll support you all the way through,
And always be there for you.
Honest with you I’ll always be,
I want you to be proud of me.
I’ll show you my love everyday
Please don’t push me away.
I lay beside you night after night,
Wanting you to hold me so tight.
Sometimes your words are so cold and rough,
But you have a way of making me tough.
Baby, I really believe we’ll get through,
I never want to lose you.
You brought the smile back to my face
And make me want to beat this place.
I never thought my heart would open again,
You taught me to love, helped my heart mend.
I’ve made mistakes I can’t erase
But I’ll leave it behind, finish this race.

God sent an angel to me,
To bring me peace and set me free.

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