“What to Do, What to Do” or “A Smoldering Volcano” by P.C.A.W. (from Grit Uplifted group @ Central Library–Week 12: “Images”)

     The weekend is coming up. Will it be quiet? So far, since my neighbours moved in, I have overheard (not because I was eavesdropping) several explosive eruptions of a volcanic-type.
     The vulgar language spewing from the male voice has been akin to lava spewing forth from a volcano. Flying lava sparks hit the girl living with him, and she screams. Hot rocks hit the wall. Oh please don’t burn a hole through the wall.
     The human volcano utters something about killing the girl. Should I be concerned? Is the life of this girl truly in jeopardy? I am led to believe this male figure has severe anger issues, and is unable to control his temper. I would like to stay out of this lava field and not get involved. Unfortunately, this is not Stalag 13; I am not Sgt. Schultz who hears nothing, sees nothing, knows nothing. I cannot not get involved.
     The volcano-control people were called.

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