New School of Colour Fundraiser & Art Exhibition – Saturday January 28th @ East Village Coffee House

Please join us at an important community event at the East Village Coffee House this Saturday, January 28th from 7-11pm: The New School of Colour Art Exhibition Fundraiser, an evening of visual art, musical performances, interactive art installations and even some spoken word pieces from a few of our Grit Uplifted writers!

Click here for event poster and details: coffeehouseposter(2)-1

The New School of Colour (NSOC) is a free and open art studio that serves the needs of at risk youth, community members dealing with mental health issues, and community members dealing with poverty and affordable housing issues.

The director of NSOC, Jeremy Jeresky, has collaborated with Grit Uplifted on our Creative Writing and Arts Magazine, and shows his generous support for the creative writing program and magazine in his new blog,

“Grit Uplifted is a cultural journal created by marginalized voices. Its publishing and subsequent dissemination allows these voices to enter into a larger cultural realm controlled by the dominant class of our society and our community. Grit Uplifted gives an opportunity for marginalized voices to contribute to cultural production. It is a mechanism that can shed light of the marginalized to a wider audience. In this sense it has the potential to give a new face, a creative and human face to the marginalized community of London. This is powerful, because it can serve to break down stereotypes against the marginalized. This is also very significant because this is being done through cultural production.”

Thanks to Jeremy and the New School of Colour for the continued opportunities for collaboration and for the positive change they are making in the community–we look forward to this Saturday’s fundraising event!

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