“The Blind Lady and the Sighted Man” by P.C.A.W.

I am really excited. I haven’t had a date in ages. My sister, whom I love dearly, has lined up a blind date with someone she works with at the school board office.
I think I’ll wear my blue pant suit with the lacy ruffle around the neck and my white loafers. Don’t tsk, tsk me. High heels are for those with a death wish, and I always wear flat shoes.
The night in question arrives, and I am as nervous as a fish on a griddle before the heat is turned on. Will I like this guy? Will he like me? Will I completely embarrass myself? At the restaurant, I am escorted to the table where he is already waiting. I manage to trip on the corner of a flower box before reaching the table. Am I going to manage this meal without any more mishaps?
The young man stands to greet his date and help her into the chair at the table. He thinks this might not be a good idea after all. He had watched as she tripped on the edge of the lighted flower box. As she sits down, she immediately knocks over the full glass of water. What a klutz! Taking in a deep breath, he also sits down. The waiter hands them both a menu and the man opens his. The lady just lays hers aside.
I give the menu a quick look, and put it aside. I mentally think I will just get what he gets. I hope it is not too heavy. My stomach is so churned up one might think I was making butter.
Our meal arrives, something called “chicken cordon blue”. The mashed potatoes are delicious. There is something in them I can not quite identify. The green beans have been cooked with nutmeg. The chicken is another story. I’m not saying it didn’t taste good, just difficult to cut without it flying across the table into the guy’s lap. Oh no! I have done it again!
The young man says not to worry about it, after all it’s just gravy that will wipe up. Mentally he is thinking that this is the worst date he has ever been on. He is not used to wearing his or anyone’s food.
The meal over, he escorts the young lady to her home. As they are traveling, he gets the shock of his life.
His date says, “I have something to tell you. I tripped over the flower box because I did not see it. The water glass was not sitting at one o’clock. I had trouble cutting the chicken because I could not see which way the grain went. If every light in the restaurant was on high beam, I still would not have seen a thing. I am blind. Funny, isn’t it. The term ‘blind date’, I mean. One doesn’t generally think of the other person actually being blind.”
Hearing the young lady’s revelation, the young man’s face turns a mottled red. He feels so embarrassed about what he has been thinking. In the dim lighting he could not see that her eyes are clouded, a usual tip-off that something is wrong with the eyes.

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