Grit Uplifted Creative Writing & Arts Magazine Issue #3 – CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

The Grit Uplifted Creative Writing Group, in partnership with the London InterCommunity Health Centre and the London Homelessness Outreach Network and with the generous contributions of the London & Area Food Bank, is publishing the third issue of the Grit Uplifted Creative Writing & Arts Magazine featuring the work of people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or have experienced homelessness.

Once again, we are looking for creative writing and visual art submissions to include in the 20-page publication due out this summer, and they must meet the following criteria:

  • All entries must address the theme of “How-to & Survival Tips based on Lived Experiences”. Share with us your wisdom on enhancing your overall well-being with limited means and resources (ideas for nutritious meals, beauty and hygiene tips, staying physically active, finding creative outlets, building life skills, safety tips, etc.) Be creative, original and honest.
  • Writing pieces can be of any genre (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, editorial), must be less than 10 pages typed* or no more than one page legibly handwritten, and can be emailed to or dropped off in person to Kelly Bradley at the London InterCommunity Health Centre at 659 Dundas Street, London.
    * If a submission is longer than 1-2 pages typed, please be aware that only the first page of the piece will be included in the magazine due to space restrictions, but a link to the piece, published in its entirety on our website, will be provided in the magazine.
  • Art pieces (photographs, sketches, paintings etc.) must be submitted in electronic form and can be emailed to Alternative arrangements can be made, if necessary, in order for us to obtain a copy of the artwork by contacting Kelly Bradley at 519-660-0874 ext. 268. 

All submissions must include:

1.       Title

2.       Writer/artist’s name

3.       Name under which he/she wants the submission to be published

4.       Brief biographical statement about him/herself (optional)

5.       Photograph of him/herself to be published with his/her work in the      magazine (optional)

6.       Contact information, if applicable, for use by the organizers of the publication only. 

7.       Completed consent form (available on by selecting “Submit Writing” or “Submit Picture” from the menu at the top,  or by contacting Kelly Bradley at 519-660-0874 ext. 268)

Please note, submissions will be accepted and published at the discretion of the Grit Uplifted program facilitators. We maintain the right to refuse submissions that we judge to be inappropriate in any way.

Deadline for submissions: Friday June 15, 2012


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