“A Poem on Mother’s Day” by Alissa Demars

I’m tired, lost and broken in two
My heart steadily aches for you.
I wanted you to have everything I lost
Now I’m so scared, at what cost?
I need you beside me, I want to watch you grow
I love you so much, I don’t think you’ll ever know
How much it killed me to not be by your side,
To this time not be able to care and provide.
I’ve always wanted what’s best for you
I wish you could understand just what I’ve gone through
To keep you safe and always protect
It wasn’t my intention to neglect.
I love the look of innocence on your face,
Childhood years you can never replace.
I wanted you to live young and free,
To laugh and play and not have to worry.
I wanted you to have what I can never find
That naive, innocent stage of mine.
Breaks my heart that I hurt you this way,
Trying so hard to find the right words to say
How sorry I am that I let you down,
To hear you laugh, I miss that sound.
Forgive me baby, please don’t cry
This isn’t the end, I’ll never say goodbye.
I won’t give up, for you I’ll always fight
Till I hold you again and make it right.

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