“Fighting for an End” by Alissa Demars

Every part of me has been ripped to shreds,
most of the time wishing I was fucking dead!
Just want to laugh, sing and play,
but instead it’s what I don’t do, don’t say.
Nothing is ever right,
not good enough to fight,
any attempts I make don’t matter,
every day my heart just shatters.
I can never be just me,
I don’t belong, can’t you see?
You’ll never accept me, love me completely,
something I long for so deeply.
My whole life been cast aside,
now all I want to do is hide.
I give up this fight, I’ll never win
too bad you all know where I’ve been.
Now that defines me, makes me an outcast,
never being able to let go of the past.
Just want to erase it, start again,
fuck it, I just want it to finally end.

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