“Reclamation” by Alan David Ross (2012)

He paused at the opening for a moment, fear and uncertainty held him fast.  Then at once exhaustion and resignation held sway; knowing that he must cross the threshold, the man stepped from this world and into another.  His reason such as it was had left him and madness demanded that it be allowed to fill the void.  Now standing just inside the rim of the abyss and about to descend into the bowels of hell… he heard something.  It was the sound of a voice, calling to him.  His whole being was wracked with pain and grief. His sole purpose for living was to seek out death.  He was praying for it, praying for an end, begging and pleading for it.  Please finish me now and quench this flame that burns so much. Living had become utterly unbearable long ago and on another plain…the long never ending sleep was now his soul’s only desire and in its embrace he would find solace and forgiveness.  This new lover would grant him that, at least. Again the voice came clamouring to be heard, insistent and not to be denied.  The man willed his ears to close and shut out this intrusion.  Now moving farther into the absolute blackness he started to weep and as he struggled to remove the yoke that tethered him to this life he began to cry out.

“Please God, please grant me oblivion!”

              But the voice would have none of that.  It was louder and closer now resonating inside of his skull, allowing madness to come crashing through the last bastion of his will.  Nature now intervened but on its own behalf.  The infinitely complex infrastructure that is our physical self began to assert its presence.  Here was the landlord of this man, who was nothing more than a tenant trying to sneak out of the lease.

               The voice had now become several voices and the gateway to hell was replaced by the ER.  Paramedics and nurses busied themselves around his bed acting like concerned bees trying to repair a damaged honey cell.  Our ever present life force will always attempt to kick start the engine that is us.  Tenacious and stubborn it will fill us with the fuel needed to carry on.  Come up from there! Our Ki commands us as we are sometimes drowning in the murky depths of our despair.  When push comes to shove and we simply can not be left to our own devices, it rises to the occasion, time and time again.  With this awesome force in our corner like it or not, as individuals we may fail.  But as a species we are destined for greatness in spite of ourselves.

Mankind is the ultimate example of symbiosis.

At times some of us forget about how wonderful our spiritual and mortal vessel is.

The man in this scenario has just survived an “accidental” drug overdose.

Alan David Ross-2012

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  1. Kieran says:

    I love this piece….it really describes the whole experience very well almost as if I was thinking it….my favourite line:

    “With this awesome force in our corner like it or not, as individuals we may fail. But as a species we are destined for greatness in spite of ourselves.”

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