“Imprisoned” by Maggie Sue Traynor

Confined by unforeseen restrictions, no bars,

yet the confinement remains the same.

The freedom no longer exists, replaced by fear of the unknown.

No longer able to function in a normal manner, the supports have now been replaced.

Deprived of the requisites needed for basic survival,

the will has been vacuumed out like the air that once gave life to a balloon.

Time has mysteriously disappeared. The mere existence no longer remains.

Unlike being confined behind bars, impossible to escape,

                   one has the right to break the chains, the control, and the addiction

and move on with one’s life.

Time that has been taken away can never be replaced.

Do you want to?

                    Take back the control. Find a reason to carry on with life and accomplish

something that will make you proud.

Take control before it becomes too late.

Find reasons to carry on. Break the chains that confine you, before it is too late.

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