“Deceptions” by Maggie Sue Traynor

The innocence has been ripped away, like the skin of an innocent animal, left to die. Not for food, but for the thrill of the hunt. Imagine: the void, when one’s stripped away of one’s innocence–an empty shell is all that remains.

How is one suppose to carry on, when the motivation has been stripped away, like a child who is being punished, simply for talking too loud.

The light now turns into darkness. The will to live seems to have been abolished.
Now a shell of a human being is all that remains. Anxiety now replaces happiness.

A human being stripped away of all dignity. Answer to the problem… End it, end the misery, the suffering. Do society a favour–one less sad excuse  of a human being to take care of. More for the people who actually matter–the rich, the favorites. Circumstances can be rather deceiving.

The solution to the problems: There has to be some people out there who actually give a damn, for others rather than themselves.

Maybe it’s time to show that we actually care, try to be more understanding, more caring and less judgmental. Maybe it’s time we stop trying to make ourselves feel good.

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