“The Play of Life” by Maggie Sue Traynor

The feeling of helplessness consuming whatever energy that remains.

A call for help fills the frigid moonlit night.

The darkness portrays the curtain.

The moon in its fullest glory–attributes of the main character, in this

play we refer to as the play of life.

The cries for help continue to fill the frigid night air,

yet no one acknowledges them.

Are the cries expected to go unanswered? Like the high pitch sounds that only a

dog can hear.

Is it that we cannot hear or is it that we just don’t care?

Do we try to abolish all human suffering, or are we only concerned when it

involves us?

Will we continue to live our lives of luxury while our brothers and sisters suffer

in silence? Shall we answer the cries for help?

Or do we choose to ignore the suffering that surrounds us, on an hourly basis.

Do we have ice water coursing through our veins, or is it that we just stopped

caring? Time to rewrite the script.

Maybe then all the characters in the play will have their own happy ending.

Time to start paying attention and, most importantly, time to start caring.

As the curtains close, the lights go out, the end.


Creator – Writer- GOD

The roles – The challenges we face in life

Credits – GOD , To GOD give the glory

Play written by GOD……  Since the beginning of time


Poem written by Maggie Sue.

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