“Illusions” by Maggie Sue Traynor

Disillusioned by the arrogance, supposedly enabling the less fortunate the necessities to live
Food, shelter, and spending money to buy the basics
Or even a reason to want to live.
The privilege to have a place to call home,
cupboards with food
The opportunity to sit down and enjoy the comforts of a nice hot coffee or hot chocolate
To escape the challenges of life on the streets.

Yes, for some, life on the streets may seem rather appealing
Living in shelters, nice warm beds, food and not having to follow your parent’s rules
Reality check: it’s only an illusion.
There are rules that need to be followed
Get used to people looking down their noses at you
This is part of reality.

Yes, there are places like the churches that provide community meals
The staff, the volunteers, they work for the boss {GOD}
The boss whom they work for is very loving, understanding and loves all his children
No strings attached.

Yes, being on your own may seem rather appealing, yet you still have responsibility.

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