“For the Young Mind” by Alan David Ross

Somewhere and at some point in time in your future, you will find a day.  It’s a day that you don’t yet know you are looking for… It’s hiding out there amongst all the other days that are as yet un-dawned, so numerous by your accounting now, but precious few.  Daily episodes of life are stored in your piggy bank mind, with plenty of time to sort out and review them for what they are, your memories.  On this unavoidable day of days you will know revelation; sadly it is a rite of passage.  As you make your way into that frontier of the future you will explore and discover myriad plots, ploys and scenarios are awaiting your nod of approval or thumbs down.  We live our lives by a creed that we begin to formulate at an age when we know nothing.  It makes us all laugh at that age but someday it will make you cry.  Allowing the people around you to impart clues to you and understand why they should do so is tough.  These people are travelling on the same road as you in this game of nonsensical rules.  If we are fortunate, we will each be meted out equal portions of joy and pain, few young men or women are ever graced with the knowledge of youth’s true value.  This clue that I am trying to impart to you is nothing more than semantics right now.  As I have said though, some day you will rediscover this clue and stoop to pick it up from where it has been laying for 10 or 15 years.  The day I speak of will begin like all of the others before it, mundane and perhaps uneventful, but primed with potential.  You may be on the phone or laptop communicating with whomever when it happens, you will gain understanding, your mind will begin to clarify and prioritize past moments and events.  Patterns will emerge from the chaos of your early memories. The words spoken to you as growing up that you filed away under “whatever” will reappear into your repertoire.  Grownups for the most part mean well, some of them, believe it or not, have a lot of pertinent knowledge, if you can just get through the din of bull shit…those are your words not mine.  In any event it’s not a language that you can comprehend right now.  Somewhere and at some point in time in your future you will find a day or a day will find you.


By: Alan David Ross

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One Response to “For the Young Mind” by Alan David Ross

  1. Kieran says:

    I will definitley meditate on this and hope I have one of these moments you speak of…..thank you for this wonderful prose

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