Red Fox Girl — An Original Rap by Colin Nickle

You disrespect your momma

You disrespect dad

You disrespect me

Feelin’ like I been had

You can’t pour chocolate sprinkles

On every situation

I know you know they’re fake

Fallin’ into a crack

Between nations

You say it’s just a test

But I know better

Next time you feel it

Just put it in a letter

I take your shit

Like a fruit I get peeled

I say no more

Can’t switch hit how I feel

Maybe it’s time we went our ways

Before permanent damage

I’m concerned about my future

Not your bruised soul sandwich

So what do we do

I’ve interest in your answer

It’s only on the floor

I bust my moves dancin’

You’re a hit and run girl

And you always get away

I gotta say desist

To this sick foreplay

How can I explain

What you don’t wanna see

How I wish I could fix this

But you obliterate me

You always want to kick

What is precious in me

So there’ll never be another

Knows my truth and purity

For trust I am honesty

With no platitudes

Only sending out shadows

Not confusing attitudes

Beautiful is my corner

of compatibility

How could two people

Go opposite objectively

Truth lasts a moment

Such is its nature

But my address is underground

Exchanged for comfiture

But my emotions won’t listen

My inner voice cannot speak

I am judged beyond reason

I’ve had enough of your grief

It was supposed to be magical

But it’s way too intense

You won’t reason with me

Think I’ll go live in a tent

So I’m going to set in motion

Changing my landscape

And build a garden in another

Be desired uncomplicated

Sharing singular inner needs

I’ll find my want, soul being

Sweet unpretentious sanctuary

Superior love that brings you to your knees

Repeat the same? Is so not very

My will will be true

Even with emotional baggage

Fill up with one finger touch

Childhood stories, pillows, pure satisfaction

What they say is true

One fool’s paradise

Is a wise man’s hell

Strip your levels of self-protection

Ask—could you be someone else?

I’m protecting the truth in me

From the oblivion of your spells

No one will ever say

To my inner voice I did not listen

I will rein in my achievement

I know now what I’ve been missing

You need to know

That one’s unconscious

Is the key to happiness

Your path to feeling safe

Is not in causing me this stress

So my one time hallelujah

This kiss is for goodbye

I’m neither your saviour nor victim

May your sweetness one day arise

All the days and through the nights.

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