Collecting Stories of Homelessness from Women in Canada

Collecting Stories of Homelessness from Women in Canada

The Shoe Box Stories Project involves collecting stories from women in Canada of all ages, races, experiences, etc, and weaving them into a public authorship installation to be displayed at the All Our Sisters National Conference on Women & Homelessness in May 2011. The stories can be submitted anonymously and may take whatever form the author chooses. For example the stories may come in the form of a poem, prose, a picture, a painted shoe, a photograph, etc., and may be about whatever the author chooses to express. The resulting installation will not only inform the conference, but will provide a valuable outlet for self expression for women whose voices are not heard often enough.

The stories may be submitted in one of three ways; 1) on-line through the AOS website (see link above); or 2) by email to Cary Meyer , chair of the Women’s Advisory Committee; or 3) in participating communities, to specially marked Shoe Box Stories drop boxes available at local service agencies, including the London InterCommunity Health Centre Health Outreach for People Who Are Homeless.

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