Rude Cop by Ken Crites

It was a cool September morning and I was riding on the bike trail on my way to my doctor’s appointment. My doctor’s office was in a bad part of town and there were a lot of police around. When I was all done with my appointment, I was getting ready to go home and out of nowhere a police officer was waving me to pull over. I had just got onto my bike and rolled 100 feet when this happened.

As I stood there, just down the street from my doctor’s office, Officer Blake gave me the riot act and asked me unnecessary questions. Then he proceeded to tell me that I was there selling drugs to all of my homies and that I should go back to where I came from. After all that, Officer Blake gave me two tickets that came to a total of $170.00.

The following morning I proceeded to go to the police station to make a complaint against Officer Blake. I asked the officer at the front desk what to do. I needed to make a complaint and he told me that I could speak to his supervisor. I said that would be great. I just had to wait for half an hour. I got to speak with his supervisor, Officer Jones. She asked, “What can I do for you?” I said to her that one of her officers had pulled me over the day before and had treated me unfairly by insulting me and telling me that I didn’t belong here in London, Ontario. I told her that yes, I had a criminal record and that I made poor choices in the past, but that didn’t excuse the way I was treated. She was very helpful and understanding. I am glad that I went to the police station to take care of this situation.

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