My Angel by Ellis Williams

My angel, I see your wings and set you free.  Free from the gravity, all the conditions that answer your life of pain, and held you against your will to be healthy truth, with love I always could find.

     In all realism of understanding I am painfully alone, no conversation with my voice and have you reply the balance of each other’s I love you. Always when we parted for a moment or for a day.

     We have grown and shared so many of life’s distinguishing measurements, laughter, romance, fear and sadness, that I don’t ever believe our love for each other could ever die. I saw so much in you, maybe you didn’t see it the way I did, it  probably equaled your reflection for me. We had so much unconditional emotional care and love for each other, it came second nature being a part of something so dear.

     I always thought we’d get old together, and you knew there was nothing I didn’t or would not do for you. How I always braided or brushed your hair. We never had much in wealth or monetary value, but the fun and fascination of how we collected everything we possessed for our home. 

     All the highs and lows had meaning and happiness or sadness, but we had each other, and that was worth the journey of our life’s road. What ever tomorrow will bring for the rest, all of those who knew you and loved you for the person of God’s beauty you truly are, your light is our light. Your humour and distasteful grammar along with your delivering style brings me pleasure, knowing how coinages your personality really was, it caught my heart and made me the happier you were here.

     When you were suffering in the hospital bed sitting up, I kissed your back and held you all so close I believed with all my heart it was you that I need. I offered my spirit to insure we would never be apart.

     I never know what to do when all that I love is being torn apart. I would have done anything to make sure you’d pull through all of this and God tell me you did and took me along with you.

     Forgiveness….it is the key of life, it does so much for everyone, and if there’s nothing to be forgiven for then oh how wealthy we have become, you and I.

     I am afraid you’ll never get away from no matter what you try, and if you think this is some kind of break to be alone, Honey I’m stuck to you, even if I have to become god, I’ll make you my bride some day.

     So if I imagine you as my Holy Ghost to receive all the spirits alive, then that makes you the magnet, pulling all the positive holy spirit through the darkness of my life’s door.

     Because I’ve placed you behind me as my light, I know that you are. As we both become the witness to the line of life and death.

     We know who hold the line our hearts define. The latitude and longitude, yours and mine, show our Jesus Christ. We are the quantum future one life over another. One period of time defined by each other.

     I love you forever , because forever is of the mind you are mine. All my being, your Kate link.


Love Ellis Donald Williams.


In loving memory of Katrina (Kate) Link

(January 14, 1970 – July 22, 2010)

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