The Storm by Ken Crites (original fiction)

Once upon a time there was a little boy and his name was Kevin. He was a good kid. He was pretty smart too. His parents had a problem with alcohol and he was starting to notice that they were acting strange at night. So one day after school Kevin was playing downstairs on his computer.

All of a sudden Kevin heard both of his parents arguing. Kevin was scared—he wanted to go see what was going on. When he went up the stairs, he proceeded to go slowly; he didn’t want his parents to hear him. Kevin opened the door and there was a loud noise, “SMASH!” It was the vase that sat on the dining room table. Kevin ran back downstairs; he went and hid under the stairs.

Bill was Kevin’s dad. He heard Kevin run back downstairs. Bill went downstairs to look for Kevin but Kevin’s mother grabbed Bill by the shirt and jumped on him. Kevin ran as fast as he could straight out the front door—boy, was he scared. Kevin’s mother did not care because she was so intoxicated.

The police came and they were everywhere. Bill was fighting with the police officers and so was his wife. Bill was screaming, “You get off of me now! You are hurting me.” Kevin was in the alleyway trying to hide, but the police found him sitting there crying. The police officer took Kevin to a family member’s home where he would be safe.

Kevin was only nine years old and he just wanted to feel safe and loved. Kevin’s parents were now in jail and he was staying with his aunt Louise. The Children’s Aid office thought that it would be a safer place for him to be, because Kevin’s aunt Louise’s house was a very safe place to live and she did not drink. 

Kevin’s family life was a very stormy one but Kevin managed to overcome the disappointments from his parents and ended up in a safer environment.

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