My Greyhound Seat by Len Sterling

I walked on the Greyhound bus in London, Ontario

Thinking about how this year I sure wouldn’t see much snow.

I felt as happy as a kid opening up presents on Christmas day

Yet scared like I did at fourteen when our family moved away.

I thought, British Columbia is like thirty some-odd hours away

Took my seat knowing I’d be sitting for the better part of three days.

We went through town after town stopping at fast food joints every now and then

I quickly saw why country singer Kenny Chesney calls the road a friend.

I watched a man get kicked off the bus because he smelt so bad

As the bus drove away I looked back at him and I felt kinda sad.

Every so often an uncapped pop bottle would hit the floor

At night especially someone would always snore.

Going through Alberta I saw wheat fields for miles

Once in BC I saw snow-covered mountains and I couldn’t help but smile

When the bus was ten hours from Vancouver the end of a long ride was in sight

I thought, this seat will be my bed for just one more night

Five thirty a.m. on November sixteenth I was groggy eyed and scared

When the bus driver announced over the P.A. that we were there.

I couldn’t wait to shave and grab a nice long hot shower

When I find a bed, I thought, I’m gonna sleep for hours.

As I walked toward the downtown east side

What I saw made me wanna run and hide

People were selling everything openly from meth to crack

I swear I almost thought about heading back.

I walked further and women were on corners doing their hookin’

Crack dealers constantly asked me “Are you lookin’”
Homeless people were in sleeping bags on the side walk

Some asked for a light so they could smoke their rock

I heard Van was such a beautiful city

At least the downtown east side sure ain’t that pretty

One month later and here I am now in Victoria, BC

I escaped the war zone in Van but the things I saw will forever change me

I look around Vic and I see cowboy boots and cowboy hats

I know in my heart this is the place I should be at

I see all the water and lights galore

No longer do I want to leave like I did before.

I won’t get to see my family for Christmas this year

It’s just the price I have to pay for moving here

I won’t see much snow, certainly not two feet

I sure have seen a different world since I took my Greyhound seat.

-Len Sterling

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