Clear the Way by Colin Nickle

I could do it

I had begun

Some is set down somewhere

Does anyone ever re-read their journals

Impossible to set it all down

Lots just has to be lived… —my preference

I CAN set down “Don’t be helpless” (my motto)

Don’t give up, don’t kill yourself (however

slowly), don’t look for trouble, if stuff gets

in your way kick it under the rug, stay well

stay with it, MAKE it come out right

But then on top of all that there has

to be something that’s you distinctively

and that can be rarely set down.

It’s been great, it’s been hell, it’s been swift,

it’s been endless, it’s been fair, it’s been tough,

it’s been lucky, it’s been a ball, it’s been

incredibly sad, it’s been hard work, it’s been

lonely, it’s come out right and I wouldn’t have

lived it any other way

You’ve gotten a bit older and so have I.

Hopefully you know yourself better.

And so sometimes there’s nothing can be done

          Sometimes there is …

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