Poverty Consciousness by JWM

Good evening to London. I’m glad that you’re watching this.

I’ve got something to say about poverty consciousness.

I had to share my thoughts so I could get in for free,

and since I can’t afford beer I guess I’ll settle for tea

To Kipps Lane, to Boullee, and to old Cheyenne;

I still live in your shadow, but I know what I am

The prodigal son, a boy who reached for the sky

Became a man whose potential is eclipsed and denied.

Remember the days when I was idealistic and fiery.

Now I feel broken and jaded ‘cause you won’t fucking hire me.

And I don’t want your hand-outs, I don’t want your charity,

I want to stand on my own and lay to waste the disparity

Between the way that it is and the way that it should be

‘cause if you gave me the chance I know that I could be

Everything that you want, just what the company needs;

I’ll even smile politely and ignore the corporate greed

that poisons the poor and wraps them up in their silence

Because the threat of poverty is a form of violence.

But the anger inside me is the dark destroyer

Now I’m afraid one of you is a potential employer

And I’ve said too much in this poetic confessional,

Instead of holding it in to be insane but professional.

Though here among peers I should feel safe when I rant;

I should relax and seek peace but somehow I can’t .

11 days till they come to me calling for rent

But my money and soul have already been spent.

On the verge of panic, overwhelmed in despair,

I look out for a minute and I see she’s still there

She turns the shame into love which is unconditional;

She doesn’t say it with words because my girl is subliminal

She is the last and the strongest of all of my muses;

She sings me to clarity when all else confuses.

She chose an imperfect poet as her husband and lover;

I’ll save my busfare and walk so I have change for her cover

Because if she wasn’t here, the whole house would be empty;

My girl is my world; she maintains my identity.

She is my moment of respite, the one thing anomalous

That allows me to cope with my poverty consciousness.


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