Hometown Bound by Vincent Costello

My hometown has no use for me

– I found

As brilliant as I am,

As great an individual to have around

– So they say.

Which should bring a frown

– To any man, who is hometown bound

As time passes, you may find:

You’re not so great to have around

Better off staying a clown,

Better off in that Western town.

A sinner and a drunkard

Is more acceptable if you’re hometown bound

– I have found.

Leaking of the Gospel truth

Is hazardous to say the least:

You’ll be shunned, persecuted silently

Oh my, oh good grief

Can’t seem to get no relief.

But you know the truth:

Tribulation is the nature of this age

– Those married to Christ,

Have been there, done that

– It was and still is the rage.

All things change:

But the truth remains the same

Fight to stay there every day

– Keep clear of the deceptions taking place

Resist the insanity of the game.

Peace, joy, and serenity

– Is your reward

Resist temptation

Eyes on the Lord.

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