“Daddy’s Little Girl” by Alissa Demars

I love you Daddy, can’t you see
without you I just wouldn’t be me
Something about you makes me smile
and for some reason all feels worthwhile
You make me feel special inside
even when I’m on this roller-coaster ride
The bond we have, only we share
nothing in this world can even compare
Your encouragement has helped me through
I know it has been heartfelt and true
I need you now, don’t leave me alone
You think I’d be fine now that I’m grown
I’m scared Daddy, I know you understand why
Some days I think I’ll never get by
I need your hope that I’ll be alright
I need your arms to hold me tight
I love you Daddy, don’t ever forget
there’s so many things I’ll forever regret
I’m sorry now is all I can say
I let you down in one more way
I’m better now, pulling myself through
I’ll never keep my strength without you
I love you so much, keep yourself strong
I need you beside me where you belong
I care about you more than you know
I know it doesn’t always show
I need to make you proud again
It’ll happen soon, I don’t know when
I want to sing and dance and twirl
I’ll forever be Daddy’s little girl.

I love you Daddy.

~ Alissa

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