“Immortal Envoy” by Kieran Holland

Fantastical visions of spinning stardust
Revolving at the speed of light
An intricate, universal masterpiece
Shining through eternal night

Exposed to the infinite galaxies
Gives this life an odd perspective
And the exponential expansion of space
Leaves me confounded and reflective

Expunged of human anxieties
Enlightened by the abyss
Enlivening the simple pleasures
That in life are so easy to miss

An entrant into the enigma
Of this mysterious universe
A pendulum swinging between pain and boredom
Is our existential curse

Extraneous thoughts of love and duty
Impairing the ascension of the soul
Like the light of a supernova
Engulfed by a super black hole

I expostulate with authority
Their hypocrisy I expose
Enslaved by my lonely freedom
Is the life this poet chose

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One Response to “Immortal Envoy” by Kieran Holland

  1. joshua davis says:

    Nice work man my favourite is the Game Theory Analysis. I do love the last part of Immortal Envoy tho, enslaved by my lonely freedom. is the life this poet chose. Deep shit bro!!!! Keep it up!!

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