“Ocean” by Colin Nickle

I am the unexpected
Piece of eggshell
In your 3 minute
Soft boiled start
Causing your communication
To bleed

I am moist Belgian chocolate
That parts your lips
Slowly, sensually
Yours with that gift of
Dove-white voluptuousness
Now with silver threads
Upon it

Initially you’d passed me your number
You tell me that this inked
Upon telephone number
Edge torn
Was once a magnificent oak
Thumb, finger
Thumb finger . . .

As per this ritual
I stare through your eyes
With the left one slightly lazy

Why am I made to feel that I am
Now holding
The number branded on you
At Auschwitz?
But of course I call . . .

And it begins
From infancy you saw
Love explode and its
Miniscule remnants further torn

Sadly, young mindedly
You fully understood
A shit-streaked life
Now let me ride your horrors saddleless
Subdue the granite nightmares
Look–totally unabashed light
Slivers in when you remove that stone
From your mind’s wall
Isn’t it as quick
As it is embarrassing
You won’t need that anymore
I’m here

In our bed towards me you fly
Intuitively singed by what
Purity of love’s light
I have left to offer you

Bolting upright–awake?
Bathed in sweat
That has seeped through
from your subconscious
A rabid gypsy moth
Tearing at the sweater of my skin
My breaking points
Fly past me
Burning through the epochs
Yet to come

Soon enough darkness
Becomes your radiance once again
The stench of night-soaked alleys
Made sweet by the essence of hunt
Still . . .

“Come closer” he said
“No, I’m afraid” I say
“Come closer” he said
“I can’t. I might fall” I said
“Come closer” he said
So I did. He pushed me.
And I flew . . .

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  1. Vincent says:

    awesome Colin

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