Why Me? (Homeless) by Maggie Sue Traynor

When I was homeless I felt so low
I really had no place to go.
A new way of life, I had no clue.
For the unknown is scary, isn’t that true
All my dignity was stripped from me
I felt like a failure don’t you see
Having the city pay my way
Life in the shelter just another day
What do you do when all hope is gone.
Feeling that you don’t belong
Another day has passed me by
And all I want to do is cry
Just waiting around, life passes by.
Feeling so low I don’t even try.
Being homeless just isn’t fair
No one really seems to care
I feel like I’m just another face
For what I call the human race
Just another client for those who did care
I’m grateful that those people were there.
Do not judge people for you do not know
If they even have a place to go.

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