“I’m Not Al Capone” by Vincent Costello

Hello stranger, why so afraid?
I’m not Al Capone,
Nor the embodiment of a can of Raid

The separation between us?
What is it my friend?
Like two continents pulling away
And may never – get back together- again

Apples and oranges
get along better than you and me
– A squirrel and his acorn
Love each other more deeply
Sitting atop, that ole elm tree

Phony love
Is what we’re being deceived to believe in:
Deep committed love is a stranger
We view with contempt
“What chu talkin bout Willis”
Have you been sampling,
More of that BC hemp

Nope, don’t smoke that dope:
True love being replaced with phony love
Less work more manageable they say,
You can pick it up, off any drive thru tray

Integrity, decency, and hope
Well, they’re being subjected
To a full body scan

A game changer’s coming
Keep that oil in your lamp topped up
Doubt me?
look what happened in Haiti and Japan.

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