Dynamic Dozen’s performance @ Grit Uplifted Launch Party

Check out the video of the inspirational performance by London’s youth flash mob, The Dynamic Dozen, in front of APK Live last Friday night as part of the Grit Uplifted Magazine Launch Party:


“Last Friday as APK Live commenced its Grit Uplifted magazine launch, they were pleasantly surprised to see London’s own Dynamic Dozen join in on the action. As the launch began The Dynamic Dozen kicked it off with an emotionally stunning performance filled with a great message.
Since Grit Uplifted is a magazine filled with creative insight and visual arts created by people who have lived through the experience of being homeless, The Dynamic Dozen took it upon themselves to create a performance showing we can get through even the toughest of times. Using such techniques as poetry, interpretive dance and songs like “Changes” by Tupac, the group was able to deliver their thoughts effectively.”

~from Dynamic Dozen’s blog post on London Fuse, http://londonfuse.ca/blog/dynamic-dozen-grits-uplifted

For more info about this incredibly talented and ambitious group of London youth that are raising arts awareness and creating community engagement, please visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Dynamic-Dozen/195368833839766?sk=info

THANK YOU to The Dynamic Dozen for supporting our event, and our cause!

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