“Get Out!!!!” by P.C.A.W. (from Week 13: “Sounds & Patterns” of Grit Uplifted @ the Central Library)

“Mom, the mail’s here.”
I take it to my chair.
Rip goes the envelope,
Unaware of the impending choke.

“This is to inform you
That this place is no longer
One of happiness and cheer,
But that it has been sold and
You are no longer welcome here.”

Is this some kind of joke?

“You have two months to vacate,
So please do not prevaricate.”

A new home I must find
Even though it’s winter time.
I hate to move in the snow and cold
I’ve done it once and didn’t like it, you know.
So now I tramp uphill and down
Trying to find lodging anywhere in the town.

If it was just me
No real trouble would there be,
But with 2 boys and a girl,
A one-bedroom home leaves no room to whirl.
Down to the last day of possession,
And still no place to call home.
Rent a storage unit for the big and the small.
Rent a motel room with a hole in the wall.
Leave the rest in Mother’s back nest.
This is called home?
Oh, give me a rest.

September 10, 2011

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