Grit Uplifted in the news – radio interviews featured on 106.9 XFM & CHRW (Sept. 2011)

Thank you to broadcast journalism student Chelsea Vella at 106.9 XFM (Fanshawe College radio station) for her thoughtful and positive coverage of the Grit Uplifted Creative Writing Group and the Grit Uplifted Creative Writing & Arts Magazine.
Facilitator Kelly Bradley and Grit Uplifted members Alissa and Roberta had an opportunity to talk with Chelsea at one of the Tuesday afternoon group sessions at the London InterCommunity Health Centre in September.
Click on the link below to hear a sample of the story that was featured on both 106.9 XFM news and 94.9 CHRW’s radio show “30 Purple Minutes”:

XFM Radio Clip (Sep. ’11)

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(Newscaster Lead In)
The London InterCommunity Health Centre along with the London Homelessness Outreach Network have created a magazine for those in the community who may not have access to an outlet to share their experiences and feelings. XFM Reporter Chelsea Vella has more on this story.


Grit Uplifted, is a magazine that features creative writing, poetry, and artwork all done by those in the community who have or will experience homelessness. Alissa Demars had her work published in the first magazine which came out in July of this year, and will contribute again this fall.


Facilitator of the writing group Kelly Bradley, says she started this forum because knows how writing can be therapeutic and benefit those experiencing homelessness. But seeing the magazine come together is real special for her as well.


Bradley says the electronic copy of the magazine as well as volunteer opportunities to get involved with the creative writing groups can be found at
Chelsea Vella XFM news. 


Grit Uplifted is the name of a magazine that is composed of creative writing pieces, poetry, and artwork all done by those who currently are, have experienced, or are on the verge of homelessness. 

Facilitator of Grit Uplifted, Kelly Bradley holds creative writing sessions with those who would like to participate in the magazine.

Alissa Demars is part of the group and says it helped her open up about her experiences.


The group is hoping to release another magazine this fall. For submissions or more information visit

London’s InterCommunity Health Centre along with the London Homelessness Outreach Network have created a magazine composed entirely of submissions by those who have experienced homelessness or who are currently homeless.

The magazine is called “Grit Uplifted”. Kelly Bradley is the creator of the magazine and says the idea for it stemmed from a number of things.


She says a lot of those homeless in the community came to her with journals or poetry they created. It showed her that they needed a forum for self expression. 


Grit Uplifted is a magazine that was first published in July of this year and is hoping to get submissions to create another magazine this fall. What makes this magazine unique is it is entirely composed of poetry, artwork, and creative writing by those who have or will experience homelessness.

Roberta Dye knows all too well about living on the streets.


Kelly Bradley is the creator of the group and she says the submissions she receives are truly uplifting.


The next magazine will be available at public places like libraries, museums, and theatres. Electronic form is also available at

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