“Drowning” by Alan David Ross

I got straight…new feeling…new life.

New home…new clothes…new me.

…New relationships with family and friends…

One day I saw an old friend from my visit to hell.

“Hey old buddy”

…we were always tight.

“Can I lend a hand?”

…A good old cup of coffee and a meal, that’s the ticket.

Both of us old school, talked about the old days.

Talked about old habits… I started feeling that same old shit.

Sorry bro this old junkie’s got to go.

My new life is calling to me with a new and louder voice.

That man is drowning and you can’t swim.

I will always love you man but I no longer desire self destruction.  I left that place not even glancing over my shoulder.

If I can’t save him then I can’t watch him die.

How do I avoid seeing a drowning man?

Stay the hell away from the water.


Alan David Ross


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