“The Circles of Time” by The Homeless Cowboy

I’m sittin’ here on this big rock

Along the Appalachian Trail

Lookin’ out across the valleys

Smell the autumn rolling in.


The hills appear on fire

From the colors of the leaves

The browns, the reds, the yellows

A year well lived it seems, ready to go


A new year coming swiftly

Young and fresh anew

Filled with opportunity, yes, and hope

School rooms and sock hops

Will occupy young thoughts


Soon will come baseball and springtime

With their warm and starlit nights

And the smells of a young  man’s life


 Campouts and fish fries

Fill our long summer days

Laughter and friendship to last all our days


I’ll meet you back at this rock next year buddy, well, maybe

But it’s been nice to know ya!


By: The Homeless Cowboy
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