“Discrimination” by Maggie Sue Traynor ~ dedicated to A.B.J.

                                                                           Discrimination rears its ugly head
                                                                           Do you accept it or fight it instead?
                                                                           If you have money, life is a breeze
                                                                           Without it, life can be such a tease
                                                                           Believing in dreams that may never come true
                                                                           Working your tail off, feeling blue 
                                                                           Continuing education to get ahead
                                                                           When it comes to your age, you lose out instead
                                                                           False hope, false dreams as well
                                                                           It’s like being under a hypnotic spell
                                                                           Hoping for good things to come your way
                                                                           Maybe tomorrow will be a better day
                                                                           For now discrimination rears its ugly head
                                                                           Do we accept it or fight it instead?

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