“Prioritize” by Alan David Ross

It has been said that the whole universe and everything in it are nothing more than a speck of dust on a blackboard…The finite to the infinite and back again…  Man tries to comprehend and come to terms with forever, as if he really could.  With our ape brains and so called divine spark we contemplate the totality of the incomprehensible.  Mankind will serve up endless platitudes in his search for a panacea to assuage our vain attempts at understanding how or why.

The universe exists because it does, we exist because we do.  The true mystery is why men spend so much time with their heads in heaven and not with their feet on the ground beneath.  What we should be seeking is not out in the mind-numbing vastness of space.  To me, at times the earth seems like a rotting apple covered with dysfunctional maggots.  Like it or not we have been granted a very, very short lease on this piece of real estate.  Asking about life elsewhere is not at all pertinent.

We have been a troubled species ever since the day that we stopped walking on our knuckles. Like a puppy chasing his tail, we are expending precious time and energy going nowhere.  Let us fix up the home that we live in, before we seek out new neighbourhoods to trash.  Feel free to totally disregard the opinions and writings of a fellow maggot.  But in the grand scheme of things, we don’t amount to very much at all.

Dust in the wind and all such banter is the mantle that befits us, so why not wear it.  Our relationships with each other on this orb are like that of a couple who feels as though they have been married too long.  We haven’t been together too long, we’ve been together too little.  Fixable it is and fixed it must be. 

I watched live coverage of the moon landings back in the day, and I thought it was pretty cool.  I was a kid then, so what the hell did I know…?  The only thing that I can really do to advocate reparation is bitch about what I see and know to be wrong.  Okay, so I’m bitching!  What I am saying here will for the most part fall onto deaf ears.

To anyone who wants to peek over God’s shoulder, I am compelled to say…”Get back down here you fool!”

Soil your shoes in the human waste like the rest of us who are Earth bound on our common journey to the grave.

Born naked, helpless and ignorant, our beginning and end does seem somewhat pointless; indeed it must be if we do and say nothing regarding our human plight.  The planet earth contains all of the raw materials required to create utopia.  Our human resources are also incredibly vast.  Relieve the want and suffering of those who always get the shitty end of the stick shoved in their faces.  Mother Nature does not care which of her children will suffer at any given time, she will dump on any of us!  We don’t need a final frontier beyond our own horizons.  Hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes happen because they do. They can’t be prevented so we must prepare the people and their habitats to withstand the onslaught of nature’s fury.  Buildings are constructed, earthquake proof in areas where quakes rarely if ever occur.  Poorer places on our globe have buildings fall down on innocent people far too often.  Relocating some of the immense and obscene wealth in other parts of the world is just one surefire way of preventing some of these disasters.  Building safer structures and saving lives is not quantum mechanics.  Although the idea of this level of aide does stick in some collective throats, I have noticed.  Let us spend the next hundred years or so putting our house in order.  Believe me that after this time, the eternal emptiness of space will still be out there waiting patiently for you.  Jesus Christ once said that the poor will always be with us struggling for daily bread.  Well let us give them their daily bread, accept the lead that God has given us.  Do unto others what is just and right.

Alan David Ross


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