“Born Again” by Ellis Williams

The clock, visible, accessible to every open-minded variable to thought,
Creation begins with every tick-tock
Out of body, gassing a deciding provision, a spirit, half broken, clear view to prey
Battle fatigued, its essence is all it’s got
Seeking security, earthly comforts, every necessity of the journeys past
Showing the ends on life’s roads made best
Openly offered in the likes and dislikes held by once-upon-a-times with chance
Nurtured by nature’s simple evolutionary test
Questionable is our journey and belief, assessing our every possible truth
In our emotional relief created with time
A calculable assessment from a subconscious awakening dream state, mine to mind
Is our conscience shared by all and born again, we recall the first sign
The body eagerly shivers itself into a collaborated rebirth, screaming the joy of innocence Restored in humanity, responsible with earth again
Thankful to be alive, salvation enters in, full of grace, cleansed, demonic, Christian and angelic,
Tears of earthly mothering fall on an angel’s face
The spontaneity and blessing with unbelief heightens itself beyond the rest to a light of conquest, angelically driven
The sudden reaction to emotional awareness of a holy expression, like the attending of two or more, or as many as who godly attend
Like a marathon runners’ emotional excitement in each breath, across the finish line, beginning or end
Unforgiving is time, sensational if the mind disciplines the body to endure a directional achieving plan
Rewarding when precise to the second, victory for the son of man
This species is allowing new boundaries, open to achievements from creative thinking, our children sail beyond biblical proportion
Always catching slogans used by Hollywood, three-worded clenchers, gripping the emotions, forcing us to remember, to repeat,
Or to gracefully view our personalities, endorsing soul mates, framing moments
Attractively wowing another in retreat
Viewing time lines that journey a moment’s end and leave no outcome for variations to enter in
The situation, unpredictable to any probability, brilliantly achieving a designed species, Chemically correcting the decomposition with every change made by Time
Holiness less than sin, when from darkness does our consciousness brightly shine
Humanity still holding itself accountable to the luminal essence, proven to be the first of our evolving perfections of creation, the halo
If not for the design of the spirit and the chemistry of the body, death creates ghosts, with a ratio
Most part empty, loneliness stands about, science reveals what to add and what to leave out
Opening our neuro-pathways of discovery
Revealing new frontiers of every form
Bless the delivery of our neurons, transmitters, receptors, ions and neutrons, all in a holy order
The sun is God’s computer with stories by Netreanos
Storage compartment, microchips, a subconscious vibrating evolution
A symbol of health, the serpent entangles Adam and Eve
Creating reality for promises forgotten
Memories reassembled with the imagination’s senses to sensors
Allowing the sight and sound, its new birth of sensors to be found
Everyone’s on the same journey when breathing the same air, learn once more to trust
The space and time we journey together, uniting all that’s fair
The prophetic encountering of civilization, that highest enrolment of life to abound, civilized people
A species like us, love is the only emotion we accept to keep the mystery of us found.

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