“I Rant” by P.C.A.W. (from Grit Uplifted group @ Central Library–Week 7: Tone & Style)

I see the minds of this generation being destroyed electronically. Do any of these youngsters know how to spell? I thought proper spelling and grammar were crucial to getting any kind of employment. I try to read “texted” messages printed in magazines and newspapers, but am left baffled. What is “lol”? Lots of luck, lots of love, laughing out loud, left on land, left over liver. Type what you mean. Shorthand is what you use to take notes in dictation and then transcribe to full blown words so the reader clearly understands what the statement means. Better still, use the original application–pen, paper, and land mail (sometimes referred to as snail mail) to keep others besides the digital electronic geeks at work. Where on this gizmo do you hook up a printer? A cell phone should be just that–a portable telephone, and not a camera, not a hand-held computer. It is just a means of verbal emergency communication.
I see this generation has no respect for themselves when it comes to clothing. Take a close look at how you are dressed. Pants bagging so low that anyone who happens to glance can see your underwear. Why even have the belt if you are not going to use it to keep your pants up around your waist? I will give you credit for not wearing the ‘shoplifting’ style of pants. Holes in embarrassing locations like very near the crotch area or on the butt only call attention to the problem, and who wants to see if you are wearing underwear or not? Why would you buy pants with holes in them in the first place? Young ladies, do not wear a coloured brassiere under a see-through white blouse. Should you choose to wear a ‘wide-belt’ a.k.a. a very short skirt, when you sit down, make sure nothing is visible.
This is St. Patrick’s Day. My dad used to call it another ‘excuse to get stupid day’ and I hope nothing happens to embarrass the city or the citizens–this includes YOU.

March 17, 2012

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