“The Dead Star” by Kieran Holland

One day a man made a wish on the brightest star in the sky,
He wished for his dreams, and his hopes were high.
An astronomer by profession, astrology his delight
He believed stars had powers, and he thought he was right.
He wished for a woman with whom to share his life,
A caring, supportive equal to be his beloved wife.
But the months went by, and the years went past,
His optimistic demeanor became increasingly downcast.
Losing himself in depression, not bothering to try,
Just taking lonely night walks, looking up and asking Why?
But time kept on passing, and his despair only grew
As he started to wonder, Would it ever come true?
The poor man was mistaken, it was not his lucky star
Shining through his lifetime, but it was light years too far.
A fatal supernova, before the hopeless wish was said,
It never came true, because the star was long dead.
When he found out he shot himself, no longer able to cope.
Weakened by lack of love, he died from broken hope.

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